Please text (519) 319-4206 for bookings. 

Please text (519) 319-4206 for bookings. 

Become a Dreamgirl!

Our agency is managed by experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals that understand your needs and relate to your experience as a companion. It is important that you feel comfortable working with our team at all times. Rest assured, we will always respect your boundaries and never pressure you into stepping outside of your comfort zone. We work for you! Your best interest will always be our top priority.

Our companions enjoy some of the highest hourly wages and lowest booking fees in the industry. Whether you are brand new to the world of escorting or a veteran of many years, Dreamgirls is here to guide you through the industry and help you achieve financial independence.

We are very selective with who we work with. We are only interested in representing ladies that are ambitious, kind-hearted, respectful, and have no interest engaging in drama of any kind. In addition, you should also genuinely enjoy connecting with others, possess strong conversation skills, and take pride in your appearance.

We look forward to representing you!


Contrary to popular belief, working as an escort can be fun, safe, and enjoyable on many levels. It is a unique experience where you will share special and intimate adventures with interesting individuals from diverse backgrounds. 

Escorting can enrich your life in many ways, however it is not for everyone. As any other job, there are many pros and cons to be considered before applying to work at an escort agency, be it at Dreamgirls or any other agency.

You can address any questions you may have to . It is not possible to call us with questions regarding employment at this time as our phone number is for booking inquiries only.

Dreamgirls can take over all the organizational aspects of escorting. Make no mistake, there is a lot of work involved before a booking is finalized. In addition to the standard marketing tasks such as maintaining a website and its promotion, our escort agency also takes care of all communication with clients and screens them for you, arranges transportation between appointments, and organizes annual photoshoots with reputable photographers. We take on all of the time consuming work so that you can be a successful companion and still have enough time to focus on your career, studies, social life, and all the other things that bring you joy.

All first time clients must use a real phone number to call in and have a brief chat with our phone girls. We will ask them to provide some information that will help us decide if they are a good client for our agency, such as their experience level meeting escorts and their comfortability with our policies and expectations, as well as a description of their appearance so that you know who to expect. If you don’t find our screening methods intensive enough for your liking, we are happy to enforce any additional screening requirements on your behalf. You can reach us during bookings if you need our guidance and we always have a contact nearby that will rush to your assistance in the event of an emergency. We encourage you to trust your intuition and immediately end an appointment with a client that makes you feel uncomfortable – we represent your interests and will have your back no matter what!

This is influenced by many factors such as your hourly rate, how much our clients enjoy your company, your availability, and the overall state of our economy.

As a general rule, the higher your hourly rate, the less bookings you will receive. Not everyone has the stamina or mental capacity to see multiple clients in one shift, and that is perfectly okay. There is a rate structure for that works for everyone.

We are proud to have some of the highest rates and lowest booking fees in the industry. On average, our ladies consistently take home around $500-$1000 per shift, with an average availability of 3.5-8.5 hrs per shift.

Age: You must be at least 18 years of age with valid government-issued photo ID.


Gender: We only represent female companions at this time.


Characteristics: You should be friendly, compassionate, open-minded and reliable. You must be able to hold a conversation with a variety of clients, from busy executives to nervous first-timers. We are not able to represent ladies that are constantly late or make a habit of cancelling on the same day.


Physical appearance: You do not have to be a 10 in model looks or have a certain body type but you should always take pride in your appearance and look your best during work. Our busiest companions possess a feminine or ‘girl next door’ look.


Personal Grooming: You are well-groomed and take good care of your body, appearance, and clothing. You shower and brush your teeth on a daily basis.

We represent both local and touring companions.

Ladies that live out of town enjoy complimentary accommodations but are responsible for their own transportation.

Can’t wait to delve further into the world of paid companionship?

Please fill out form located on this page to request an interview and explore options of representation at our agency. 

We request that you forward three, non-nude photographs to . We are not able to review to any applications that do not include photos. If we think you are a good fit for our agency, we will contact you within 72 hrs to arrange an interview.


All applicants must be 18+ with valid government-issued photo ID.

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